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by Lisette Rützou

Though she works within an annual calendar, Lisette Rützou isn’t inspired or dictated by trends. As a counteraction to the constant urge to produce, Lisette Rützou celebrates honest design and everlasting beauty that can stand the test of time. 

To realize her vision of continuous designs, Lisette Rützou presents the new visual campaign ‘TWOSIDE’ – a celebration of her on-going collection of timeless pieces of furniture that can be passed on from generation to generation. 

In a fascinating and well-orchestrated play of contrasts, Lisette Rützou accentuates the seductive and very sophisticated aspect of her furniture. An aura of mystique through which stories are communicated – from two sides.

Gravitated towards the beauty of contrasts, Lisette Rützou investigates the elusive theme through an intimate perspective. The visual and aesthetic aspect of contrast is reflected in her furniture design – folded yet sharp, seductive yet restrained, feminine yet masculine. To notice the intimate story told through play of contrast, the spectator is forced to acknowledge the premise of a story always being two-sided. The contrast of color and form marks a dramatic and intense encounter between sense and sensibility.  

"I'm deeply fascinated by contrasts - contrasts that appear both in design and in real life. In a visual sense, the theme twoside represents the contrasts of light and darkness. Through a more substantial perspective, the theme speaks of human contrasts of accepting and respecting our differences. We see and experience the same situation from two sides.

It is through this encounter all the beauty emerges"

– Lisette Rützou

Lisette SJ69813 copy.jpg
lisette sj69781 copy.jpg
lisette sj69825 1 copy.jpg

Lisette Rützou’s design is motivated by an urge to articulate a story. Inspired by the beauty of materials, form and architecture, each design is an independent statement – contemporary functionalism with a feminine touch. Each piece tells an individual story – an embodiment of emotion. 

“I hope with my design to create a reaction, a feeling beyond beauty and fine lines. To me – designing is personal – color, movement, sound and scale – a universal language essential to my approach”


– Lisette Rützou. 

Embracing the tradition of conventional craftsmanship, each piece is handmade in Denmark and Italy. In search of the finest materials, the structures and elements are carefully selected from the most knowledgeable craftsmen in the industry. 

"I'm inspired by nature and the beauty of natural materials - that might also explain my obsession with onyx & marble. To me, it's the perfect combination of both nature and material. That is the proudest element of my collection - sincere respect for honest craftsmanship"


– Lisette Rützou







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